REJS Reference Check

REJS Reference Check Specialists – $49 AUD per reference

REJS can add value to you for your next hire when you have not engaged the services of a Specialist for the hiring process. This is an additional service that we can offer you (an included service when we are managing the entire hiring process for you).

At REJS we have the Specialists that have the questions to ask for you, we have the experience in the Real Estate industry already and we can manage the reference checking for you by performing a completed telephone reference check from a work related referee supplied by your candidate.

This will allow you to continue doing what you do best and leave the reference checking to the specialist’s. We will write up the reference for you , word for word, you will then get to decide if they are for your office or not. You will be supplied with a full written reference by REJS team for only $49, a really great investment.

REJS – The Reference Check Specialists – will ensure you are getting the correct reference checks on previous employers for your next employee hire for when you are not using a Talent Specialist.

To Find out more call 1300 219 522 – REJS the Reference Check Specialists.


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